Rub a dub dub!! This weekend we’re doing a special one off gig at Club 77 at 77 William St in Sydney (Kinda near the city on the way to Kings Cross). It’s an “indie club”, a pretty popular place apparently and they’ve decided to start having bands on.

I think their original choice might have been Lo-Tel, but then they decided they’d better do it properly and they got the ‘Feeder involved! We’ll even be doing the show in “old school” (’77 – get it?) mode, as a three piece!!

So if you wanna be seen in the most fashionable spot in town, put on your favourite duds and best jumper and get along there on Saturday night. This Saturday, the 5th that is! It’ll do wonders for your social standing, that’s a personal guarantee from us. I have a feeling (ooohhh, very psychic today) that there’ll be a “respectable” amount of liquor going down too, so we’ll undoubtedly .. see you at the bar!

* If you fancy your luck getting in for free, just waltz in like you own the joint, tell them you’re on the doorlist. This isn’t a guarantee in any way, it’s a risk you take. I didn’t even say it, in fact.

All this blather for one gig?  ..whoops.

**the feeder**