Now, that Rocket Festival gig we’re doing up here is coming up next Saturday (the 31st). It’s gonna rock. Go here for more info: we’re on at 8pm, right after the fireworks, apparently! We’ll be playing a few new songs for the first time, and we’ll also have our lovely new sweatshirts for sale.*

*Check our website for our “blatant merchandising” disclaimer!

But in the meantime I’m playing at Ric’s (Brisbane, valley mall) next Monday night, the 26th. I’ll be bustin’ out the old acoustic and an electric or two, and some tunes, old and new, borrowed and blue, as they say. It’s free to get in, there’ll be amazingly cheap (and strong) liquor everywhere, comfortable sofas, what more could you want to chase away the monday blues?

We’re mixing the new single next week (finally) and getting some b sides together of some songs from a show we recorded at The Healer last year if we can find any without too may mistakes that is.

Saw The Anyones (Melbourne band) the other night and they ROCKED my little world – if you ever get the chance to see them. DO, they’re the best!

see you all at the bar! ~

Dean              “Buff Wilkinson”
Darek             Darek Does Dallas
kellie              The Graduate
Tim                 Slacker

*the feeder