Well we have got absolutely NO news here at ‘Feeder HQ, so I’ll rattle off a coupla paragraphs for the sake of it, and well, just to say Hi!! and Happy New Year to all you great people! The ‘feeder mailing list is massive, and includes people from all over the world, and we love each and every one of you from the bottom of our hearts.

I might be ok at making websites but I’ve got no idea how to set up any kind of discussion group or chat line or anything like that, but if you want to pass a message to other people on the list (like minded folk, after all..) feel free to send it in and I’ll whack it on the bottom of the next mailout.

Lonely hearts, penpals, musical wants/needs, go for it – it’s the least we can do for you! Also, if you e mail us a photo of you we’ll chuck it on the website for a week – we did a “feeder fan of the month” thing a while ago, and it went nowhere fast. But hey, you gotta give us points for rehashing an old idea.

In another effort to keep the fun levels peaking we’re gonna do the “free cd” thing every mailout – so, there’s a free ‘feeder cd to the first person to get back to me identifying the musical reference hidden in this message. It’s pretty damn easy this time, just cos it’s holiday season and all..

I’ve finished mixing 4 songs for my solo record, and they sound damn fine.

Many more songs to go, but they will all get done, in time. Don’t worry, I’ll keep you well informed.

I’m listening to Poison Idea as i type this.. whatever happened to good old fashioned angry punk?? Forget Blink 182 (a fine pop band, don’t get me wrong) – and search out the real stuff kids, it’ll be well worth the effort. (Thanks to Fabio in Brazil for sending me this.)

Shameless advertising: If you forgot anyone at Christmas and you’re feeling bad, not sure what to do, why not surprise them and make massive amends with a screamfeeder t shirt or poster?? what a great way to say “I’m sorry… I love you”?!

Check out all our top quality merch at the site www.screamfeeder.com

That’s all out of me for one day, see you all next year ~

  • tim – has been riding the buses
  • kellie – has given up the ciggers
  • dean – has been cruising the casinos
  • darek – is stuck in Townsville

**the feeder**