Posted on Nov 28, 2000

hello hello!

well the shows around the southern states have been a blast, all culminating in a complete corker at Adelaide’s Austral last saturday night. We played with Diplomat, who are very good indeed. They’ve got a cd out – check it out.

This weekend it’s finally time to launch the album in our home state, Queensland. Here is our little run:

  • Thursday 30th november: Miami Tavern, Gold coast, with Sekiden
  • Friday 1st december, National Hotel, Toouoomba, again with Sekiden
  • Satuday 2nd at The Healer in Brisbane, with Denvar and Cunningham

So come on down. It’ll be nice to see you! feel free to e mail us song requests before the end of the week too.. If you think yr some kind of bigshot let us know too, we might put you on the door.. fuck I’m feeling
generous tonight!

Also, you can vote for “above the dove” or “stopless” at JJJ’s hot 100 site, here:

go on, what are you waiting for, make us rich n famous for crying out loud!!

We’re playing at the wonderful HOMEBAKE festival in Sydney on the 9th of december, at around 2.30 in the afternoon so I’m told. It’s gonna rock, so be there.

lots more news coming..
tim / kel / dean – the ‘feeder