This Weekend:

  • Thursday 16th at the Bridge Mall Inn, Ballarat, with 3 incredibly handsome gentlemen, according to their press release, who call themselves RUTEGER – local big time boys or something.
  • Friday 17th at the Armidale Hotel in melbourne, with the Vivian Girls and one more band.Saturday 18th at the Evelyn Hotel, fitzroy, with Gersey, and Diplomat, from Adelaide. Both bands have new records out, which are being played a lot on jjj – so if that’s a criterea for you, or you just want a whole lot of rock in one night, get yr ass there. Get there early too.


  • Thursday 23rd, we’re having a launch party at the Enigma Bar. It was gonna be a plain old acoustic gig, but we couldn’t really be bothered with that, so we decided to lay on a few Coopers, a few bowls of nuts etc, and crank the album over the PA. There might even be a few goodies lying around. It’ll be a lot of fun, you can lounge around on the sofas talkin’ shit to us all night, we don’t mind. Kellie and I might do a short set of songs off the record too if the mood takes us. …oh, ok ok, we ARE doing that! So, COME, and have a relaxed night with us. It’ll be the place to be, very sophisticated etc etc..
  • Friday 24th we’re at the Holdfast Htl with Lifo. Our old stomping ground. No tantrums this gig, promise, it’ll rock! Get there early for good seats.Saturday 25th we’re at the Austral with Diplomat again, and Further. It’s gonna be a crazy night, you’re gonna have to get there in the Morning to ensure you even get in. Or maybe just turn up at the normal time and tell ’em yr on the guestlist.

Remember, we’ve got MIKE in the band now too – it’ll be his first trip to Vic and SA with us, he’s very excited, he’s been sitting atr home practicing every day and night (unlike the rest of us). So come and check him out. He cut the cake big time on the weekend in Sydney.

Please request Above The Dove at JJJ! http://triplej.abc.net.au/requests/default.htm a simple click is all it takes, thanks!

over n out,tim/kel/dean/andmike/feeder