Posted on Nov 8, 2000

OK Sydney: this weekend: Friday night the HOEY, with Ben from Bluebottle Kiss, and Earth To Nigel. Saturday night the Blaxland Tavern, wherever the hell that is. 2 shows only, don’t miss out!

All you guys who stand there the whole gig watching my chords then come up afterwards and say “I love your guitar sound man” – It’s up for sale!!! I’m selling the amp head I’ve been lugging around the country for the last 5 years. It’s my trusty old EMINAR. 4 knobs – volume, bass, treble, presence.

Simple, beautiful. It cranks out an unspecified wattage – I reckon about 50 – 70, but sounds reliably great. I’m only asking peanuts for it, so first come first served.

I’m also getting rid of my lovely yellow TOKAI “Love Rock” guitar – it’s been played at a million gigs, you know the one.. it shreds (!), it’s reliable, stays in tune perfectly, and has been lovingly maintained and  upgraded over the years. Tears will fall when I say goodbye to it, so it needs a loving home.

While we’re on the subject, Kel’s bass amp is for sale too, a LABSYSTEMS head and quad. It’s great, it rocks, it’s been played by Kel, what more do you want?

tim/kel/dean feeder