Well we’ve all done a bit of John Candy and Steve Martin-ing the last month or so, travelling to japan and back, annoying each other with anything we can find, too much luggage, immigration hassles, language barriers, catching a lot of planes, and trains, and indeed automobiles, and perhaps even being confused about pillows.. but don’t worry, we’re home now and everything is ok.


Now, check the site for: Our BLUE video, in all its glory!! [“Blue” is the song title, just to clarify..]
and our JAPAN Photos!! they’re lots of fun!


We are heading out on tour soon! see dates below, but this weekend we are playing a special indie rock bonanza show in Brisbane, at The Rev:

  • Friday November 4th, The Rev, Brisbane, with Sounds Like Sunset, The Mean Streaks and The Narcotics.

Sounds Like Sunset are some kind of sonic firestorm. The have a new CD out and you DON’T want to miss them. The Mean streaks and Narcotics are two of the best things out of Brisbane at the moment, so come and worship them before they get too big for you to afford.


Here’s what else we’re doing, so if you live in these far flung burbs, fkn be there! We’re no strangers to Adelaide, in fact it’s our spiritual home, but Tassie, we haven’t been there for a long time.

  • Thursday 17th November – James Hotel, Launceston w/ Fell To Erin
  • Friday 18th November – Republic Bar, Hobart w/ Fell To Erin
  • Saturday 19th Nov – Lewisham Tavern, Lewisham (Tas) w/Fell To Erin
  • Saturday 26th November – Jade Monkey, Adelaide w/Mirrorline & Loemax

Lots to do, so let’s get to work.

see you at the bar! t/k/d feeder