First up, thanks to all the wonderful people of Sydney – yes ALL of them!

Look at some of the lovely things Sydney says about us: “Have you any idea of what a significant role you guys have played in my development as a human being? I am grateful to you all …Bridge Over Nothing accidentally came on first – and that was my watershed moment. Still my favourite song ever.”

“Sydney loves you so much the sky almost started crying when you flew out this morning.”

There’s plenty more where that came from too.. I’m thinking we should run for premiership down there, we’d blitz it!  Better start sending in your political reform requests now I reckon.

Joking aside, we play Brisbane this weekend – at Ric’s – possiby one of our favourite venues in the whole city (well, the Valley). It’s Free, Intimite, Loud, and Fun! Supporting is BATRIDER from Melbourne. By all reports they are “Ace”, “Tops” – etc.

So that’s Friday 20th October.

Keep an eye on our myspace page this friday for an announcement re this gig. We are heading upo into the wilds of North Qld in December.. but we’ll blabber on about that soon.

We will see YOU, at the bar. Mine’s a Bloody Mary, Dean will have a Corona, and get Kel a glass of Red. [please]

tim / kel / dean // feeder