Holy hell, how much rock can you handle? We’re going for this much, let’s see if we survive!

We’re off to Bob Mould – this will truly be night to remember, a couple of hours with one of punk rock’s pioneering forefathers (literally). You should all be there (next week, all capital cities except Perth.)

  • WEDNESDAY 11th, Screamfeeder / Sleater Kinney at the Zoo in Brisbane. How rock is this, SK are also punk rock pioneers. (a lot of pioneering, we should start an expedition)
  • Friday 13th Screamfeeder / Sleater Kinney at the Gaelic Club in Sydney. You guessed it, more rock.
  • Saturday 14th, Screamfeeder plus guests at Caringbah Bizzo’s – Sydney. Rockin the suburbs.

We’re gonna be playing quite a few of our new tunes at all shows too. Very exciting.Dean and Darek are already fighting over who’s gonna drive (Dean finally got his licence), and who’s in charge of the stereo. I think the trusty, democratic “rock, paper, scissors” will decide!

There was a knock on my office door the other night (working late) and it was someone I didn’t know from the screamfeeder inc. warehouse. They said “what’s all this damn stock doing sitting around, don’t they know it’s christmas?” So it’s my job to come up with some stockin’ – bustin’ christmas ideas y’all can’t refuse. ie cheap feeder merch for yr loved ones! look out for more news on this, I haven’t quite formulated my plan yet.

See you all at the bar, if you make it thru the giant rock week, we know we will.

  • Dean – the fluffy dice
  • darek – the gear stick
  • tim – the steering wheel
  • Kellie – the diff

*the feeder

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