OK so we’re so excited about the album, and we know you are too, we thought we’d just damn well give you an MP3 for the hell of it! It’s track 11, “Make Up”.Hit the site for the link:www.screamfeeder.com

Also on the site is a whole lotta great new merch, there’s shirts, and we’ve even got badges!

And we’re even doing special offers on packs of the three new singles, badges, posters, the whole lot, it’s fuckin nuts! And you can check out the new album ahead of time, all the artwork etc.

We will be getting the videos online any day now, promise. The “12345” clip was on RAGE this weekend.

Not only that but we’re coming to VICTORIA in a coupla weeks. We always love Melbourne, and in return the city is always very kind to us. Come and have fun with us!

  • Thurs 2nd Oct – National Hotel, Geelong
  • Fri 3rd Oct – The Espy, St Kilda
  • Sat 4th Oct – The Evelyn

The Geelong show is on their “student night” apparently. Now, I know as soon as that word is mentioned you’re gonna expect a whole tirade of condescension and ridicule from me. Not that I have anything against learning, education, universities or schools, quite the opposite in fact, it’s just that the students themselves seem such a pack of dopes when it comes to the appreciation of live music.

They’re regularly presented with the cream of the country’s bands, and all they can do is queue up at the bar for endless jugs of beer and roll around with sheets wrapped around them. That’s our experience anyway. Geelong, come on and prove us wrong.

Thanks to all who saw us at the Billy Bragg shows  – Billy was as nice a geezer as we expected, he had his arm around Kellie within about 3 seconds.

We’re doing a W.A / Perth run in October too, (see the site) including one Uni show. Maybe we’ll get beaten up by students somewhere along the line. Stay tuned.

In the meantime see you, amongst the togas and girls wearing their boyfriends’ football jumpers (oof, really hammering the stereotypes!) AT THE BAR!!

**tim/dean/darek/kel feeder**