Posted on Aug 8, 2001

We’ve got new shirts!! – people at last weekend’s little NSW run went nuts for them. A white print on a black shirt, it looks well tasty. We’ve got them in all sizes, from little girl to big man.

We’ve still got the other “Rocks On The Soul” shirts too, equally nice, on a dark green shirt:check em out and flash the cash (or card) here:

OK this weekend we’re coming to MELBOURNE!! 2 shows only:

  • Friday night, the Enigma Bar in Preston, with Blueline Medic
  • Saturday night at the Punters Club with Greedo and another band too.

We’re flying out at 7.05 Sunday morning, so we’ll be staying up all night (and arriving nice n tidy at the airport too mind you). Lo-Tel are in town too, and they’ve kindly offered us the use of their hotel suite (and spa!) – and they’re chucking in a free foot massage (each) into the deal – oof, maybe they were a bit pissed when they said that but I’m gonna hold em to it!

Come and see us play, you will regret it for all your days if you don’t.

  • Dean.. gets a little worried by turbulence
  • Kel..    loves it
  • Tim..    was asleep already
  • Darek.. sticks his tongue out a lot

***the feeder***