Firstly we’ve updated the WEB SITE!! it’s got a whole new look and feel, plus a ton of new images, so go check it out (link below) and tell us what you reckon!

Secondly Tim and Kel are doing another acoustic gig this Friday night at the ORIENT (recently re opened) in Brisbane. Playing about 10.30 or so. We’ve been talking about doing this kinda thing in other towns too, as it’s gone pretty well so far. Before the end of the year hopefully. (nice bit of leeway there)

Thirdly we’re gonna record a new ep in 3 or 4 weeks with that Brisbane legend MAGOO on the knobs. We’re hanging to record, naturally!

Fourthly Hi Cs is gonna be REMIXED by 2 guys in Melbourne called THE POUND SYSTEM. They want to make it sound “bombastic” and like the Sex Pistols crossed with Chem. Brothers… (?!?!) We were a tad apprehensive about the whole “re mix” scenario too, but after speaking to these two nutters we’re very confident to leave them to it and see what happens!

tim/kel/dean feeder x