More rock than a freakin’ granite quarry! Our new single ICE PATROL is out next week.

We’ve been in the studio all day with Magoo, recording our NEXT single, I Don’t Know What To Do Any More.

We start recording the rest of the album on Feb 10th.

We’re playing a gig in Brisbane this Saturday night with our favourite band of gentlemen, THE ANYONES, along with local stars Intercooler and Shifter. It will be a very big night at The Healer, get there early!

We have a bunch of gigs coming up late Feb, including a BREEDERS support.

Screamfeeder love to swear. It’s cool. If you like rude words too click here: but please don’t click it if you don’t like being foul mouthed.

Check the site for heaps of news, including Tim’s upcoming DJ set!

If you’re gonna vote for anyone on the JJJ hottest one hundred this year please don’t vote for the Foo Fighters, they’re really not that good.

Instead vote for The Anyones, who’ve got Come Around and Greens Cats Eye in the running. (you can’t vote for us ‘cos we didn’t put anything out last year. slack huh?)

*darek – both given up smoking since 1/1/03
*Kellie – given up the coffee as well as the ciggers
*dean – still puffing away like a champion

*the feeder