Oh yeah you got that straight, the PHOTOS are there on our site for all to see!! Check them out – the Singapore gallery, from the link on our welcome page, right at the top. Plenty of juicy photos of us eating, drinking, smoking, swearing, sweating, swimming, lounging around, posing, trekking the streets, goofing off, and even some of us playing shows too.

While you’re there, get your hands on one of our ultra rare Singapore tour shirts! I might even have one or two tour posters in the kitchen cupboard still if you’re lucky.

In local news, we’re doing one of the Brisbane City Council (talk about workin for the man..at least “the man” pays I guess) ROCKET gigs. 31st August at the Riverstage. More info soon, but I can tell you it’s FREE, all ages, and there are lots of great bands on. So mark that one down in your diaries.

Tim’s got a show with The Fauves (I thought they split up?) at the Zoo in early August too. The Paul Kelly shows last weekend were either “an intimate treat” or “painfully embarrassing” depending on which street mag you believe.

I dunno, all I know is I had a lot of fun at both shows, got pissed for free, met Paul (top shelf bloke) and I even got a decent recording of the Gold Coast gig, and I didn’t make too many mistakes..! It’s not easy being a “solo artist” let me tell ya.

More great feeder news soon. Hope all the members of the feeder army across the globe (that’s YOU) have their boots on tight, a 3 day growth (unwashed hair will more than suffice) and a soggy cigar butt in their mouths, ready for action. there’s gonna be plenty of it!

Love from us:

tim = the tallest
kel = everyone’s favourite
dean = the dark horse
darek = eye candy

**the feeder**