Imagine that, it’s be a very interesting episode, for about 5 minutes maybe, before it disintegrated into conversations about hairstyles (Dean finally succumbed to the scissors this week) and stupid imaginary situations.. good thing it’s not true, like our train wreck story. jeesh, some people were really offended by that too, really!

Well well well look at us eh? we’re doing something that we haven’t done for way too long, go on TOUR!!

  • Thursday 30th May – Newcastle Uni
  • Friday 31st May – Kelts Bar
  • Sat 1st June – Hopetoun Hotel, with Faker and Neon

NSW dates only at this stage, but we’ll be spreading our beautifully manicured wings further afield soon, very soon.

We’ve also gotten ourselves a new practice room, finally, sharing with Brisbane alt-country rock legends HALFWAY, and “prog rock” (that’s their description, not mine) – band Whipsnade Zoo, (featuring Liam from Ashgrove Woollies on distorted guitar). Nice, all very nice. And to celebrate we wrote two new songs in our first week. Now that’s so good it’s a crime.

*Darek car thief
*Dean white collar crime
*Kellie illegal gambling
*Tim bank jobs