Hair all greasy? feel like a slob? got nowhere to go? can’t find a job? Well, now you might be infected too. No, really! Someone sent the Screamfeeder mothership a virus, and now it’s possible we’ve sent it on to you.

These things happen I guess – (I wonder if it originated from the Lo-tel mothership?!’s not very nice, whoever did it) I’m not sure what it does apart from clog up mailboxes and generally slow things down, but anyway get your virus software updates happening and stomp on it, the name of the virus is: W32.Badtrans.13312@mmor alternatively, click on the following link for removal instructions:

It’s been brought to my attention that our last mailout from a coupla of days ago wasn’t the slightest bit funny.. sorry everyone, it won’t happen again.

A free ‘feeder cd to the first person to spot the song lyrics (and identify them, smart arse) in this message.

** the feeder**