In case you’re confused, the song HIT THE SKY that’s been played on JJJ lately is NOT a feeder release!

The song is a reworking of the Hi Cs instrumental b-side “Decaptivated”, with Kim from now defunct sydney band SPDFGH singing over the top. The track was recorded originally just for fun, but then got selected to go on the soundtrack for a film “fresh Air” that’s coming out soon. Hence the airplay and publicity.

Tim and Kellie will be doing some acoustic shows around town (Brisbane) soon:

  • MAY 9  (Sunday Afternoon) Bliss Bar, Spring Hill.
  • MAY 13 (Thursday night)  THE PRESS CLUB, the Valley.
  • and a bit later, JUNE 3 (Thursday night)  RIC’S BAR, the Valley mall.  w/ Trent(ex Melnik) and Tim Oxley (ex Verys)

We’ll be playing old stuff, new stuff, covers, everything. So come along, it’ll be a laugh if nothing else.

And finally, the new record deal that we’ve been sweating over for the past 14 months looks like it’s finally SORTED. From the very near future onwards, Time Bomb Records in California will be our new home. When the deal’s signed sealed and delivered we’ll be able to start thinking about that NEXT ALBUM we’ve been promising for ages now!

Meanwhile, DART is getting remixed, and released as the first single this month, with a new version of Kitten Licks (slightly different track listing, and re mastered) hot on its heels.

More news soon…
tim/kellie/dean xx