Posted on Sep 6, 2011

So, we have reclaimed our entire Screamfeeder catalog from Shock, Survival, Mushroom and MGM. All rights reverted.

What this means is that we will now administer all our titles, both physically (in most cases we have anywhere from 0 to about 30 copies of each release left on CD – forever. Unless we suddenly get famous when some unheard gem gets played on House, and we have to re press cd stock) – and on sale pretty much exclusively through this site and of course ebay –  and digitally.

Our itunes presence (and other digital partners) is all but gone, and we are in the process of restocking the shelves, as it were, ourselves over the next months. Like a good coffee it takes a little while for it all to filter through, but if you prefer an instant fix, OUR BANDCAMP PAGE is getting bigger every day, as we upload every title in chronological order over the next week.

We’ll get it all online uber soon, including a new all-in-one b sides collection album, so you can really have everything together in the one place a bit more easily.

Hooray for the digital age, I think.. and hooray for expired contracts.. now let’s sit back and watch the fkikken cash roll in..