Get liquored up with the ‘feeder this Christmas!

So, Kellie works at a winery – yes we’ve heard all the smart quips under the sun – she actually doesn’t mind a small drop of wine now and then, but that’s beside the point. We hit upon the idea of offering an exclusive SCREAMFEEDER issue Cabernet Sauvignon for a special Christmas merch treat!

Kellie got her mits on a very tasty top shelf 2002 Cab Sav and we are in the process of getting it bottled and labelled. It’s a really lovely wine, according to the expert (Kel) and it’s going to be a very limited edition, as well as a definite one off. I say get your “requests” in now for this one – it won’t last long!!

Check the site for info –, or just e mail us back if you’d like to get in on the action.

**We are also offering a few other hot “special” merch deals for Christmas. Cheap cds, shirts, signed posters, all that stuff.

Screamfeeder to rock local gin joint.

December 10th sees us team up with Sekiden (it’ll be only their second Brisbane show for the whole year) and do one last one at the Troubadour for the year. Say goodbye to the year in style with your favourite bands, singing all your favourite songs! Warming up the boards will be Lancaster. Get in early, our last coupla Troub’ shows have been pretty crowded.

Check the site for this gig, and others.

Triple Distilled.

There will be less of us, but we will be trying extra hard [as always] from now on. Our beloved Darek has moved on to rock full time with Intercooler (5 figure deal rumoured). Inside sources inform us that he “couldn’t handle the pace” after our whirlwind world tour earlier this year. Intercooler – known straight edge, early to bed dudes – will suit him better. [Only kidding].

We wish him and the ‘cooler all the best. [But be sure to yell ‘feeder song titles at him at Intercooler shows!] The new / old line up has already started rehearsing songs for our next album.

See you all up at the bar – mine’s a large voddy.