So, gig done. We had a killer time, and from all the smiles and returned hi 5s, so did you.

The setlist was:
Above The Dove *
And Tigers They Roam
Sushi Bowl
I Don’t Know What To Do Any More
Needles %
Bridge Over Nothing
Explode Your Friends
D0wn The Drinker
Modern Morning
Wrote You Off *
Ice Patrol *+
Stopless +
Static +
Triple Hook +
Bunny +
Bruises +
Hi Cs +
You And Me + # Seja Vogel (Sekiden, Regurgitator), Amy Bennett, Madeleine Paige, members of Violent Soho and Tape/Off
12345 + # Spiral Stairs (from Pavement), members of Violent Soho and Tape/Off

* Songs we fucked up
% Songs with equipment issues
+ Songs Darek Mudge played with us on
# Songs with guest performers

Time Off review here

We raised $530.00 for Tym Guitars‘ charity of the month, the Green Gecko Project, with the aid of the awesome Bunny distortion pedal made by our mate Sylvain in France. Congrats to Jeff, who won it! Rock on Jeff.

Thank you to everyone involoved and everyone who came, you all rock. And thanks to the other bands, they kicked ass in a huge way.

We have some laminated passes left which we’re selling as souvenir items. Whether you were there or not, these will look wicked hanging on the back of your bedroom door.. or around your neck. *Includes neck strap.

$5.00 delivered
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