Posted on Jul 24, 2012

So I’ve been doing a run of solo shows, and alternating between Screamfeeder tracks, WE ALL WANT TO tracks, songs off my solo album, covers, all kinda things.

It’s been really fun. Here’s a ridiculous photo of the night Kellie jumped up with me for a sing. God kn0ws what she’s doing with those sticks. I’ve been considering recording a bunch of ‘feeder songs with just me and the guitar, do an undercover kinda album of sorts.. I think I’d like that.

In the meantime we’ve been flat our getting the WE ALL WANT TO album up and running. Release date is 27/8/12 but you can pre order now – check out the fantastic deals (really!)

Have a listen here, and we’ve got a bunch of new videos up here.

Come Up Invisible by WE ALL WANT TO