Back on the MP3 trail, at last. Ok as well as having quite a few songs from the album up at the aussie stronghold,, we’ve also just added, today, “If You Lived Here” – track 9 from the album, to our page at:, so don’t waste any more time, go get it!! (if it’s not there yet, they’re still “approving” it, try tomorrow..!)

Back on the Lo-Tel trail too – Jeesh – that request of mine last week sure opened a can of worms (as they say). A deluge of gossip most foul landed on my screen. I’m not one to get nasty, so I’ll keep to my usual witty quips about that lovely band, for now anyway.

Had a good show at club 77 on the weekend – sydney people, get down there I say, what good tunes they play. The Ramones, ..lots of old school punk stuff actually, lotsa new stuff too. Very Nice. Met Denvar down the pub later – what a fine bunch of gents – got all teary for “good ol’ brissy” together – lucky we were flying back a few hours later.

Up ‘n’ Coming: a tour with The Fauves is on the cards for June. My prediction is that it’s be fairly LARGE, and we’ll be schlepping all over the damn place too, – except Coffs Harbour of course!

We made tentative plans with each other last week to go to the practice room and write some new songs soon. Dean was well up for it (he doesn’t have to do any actual writing, just hit some stuff – easy peasy), Kel was rather more hesitant.. but we’ll give it a bash. I mean, what’s the worst that can happen right?!

**the feeder**