Hello all,

OK, TRIPLE HOOK, our NEW single is OUT!!! check out the artwork, lyrics, sound, and Damien’s usual enthusiastic rave, at:


Are you a Sugar/Husker Du/Bob Mould Fan?? if so, go to the following address and add your name to the list of people who want Bob to include Australia on what he’s calling his final EVER electric/band tour – he’s going most places else, but not here, yet.


We’re doing some dates in october, in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide, but only a max of 2 dates in each town. It’s kinda hard at the moment, we’ve got a lot of new songs, which we love to play, but people don’t know them, and we’ve got all the older songs, Kitten Licks stuff, and older, which we’re kinda sick of, and we’re really not sure if people are sick of hearing us play that stuff, or what people want at the moment – hey – let us know, what do YOU want to hear at feeder gigs??!! Come on.. let us know, and we’ll play it!

We’re doing the Caboolture Get Gigged Festival this saturday, with a zillion other bands.

Not much else to report really, we played with Preshrunk in Sydney on thursday night, then the following night they got ALL their gear, including their van ripped off from somewhere around town. So, if you hear that they’re playing near you, go and see them, they probably need some support right now – they’re pretty damn rockin too, of course.

Oh yeah, we’re doing Homebake, Dec 5th, at the Domain in sydney too.

oh yeah, again, the RANCID album kicks unbelievable amounts of ass!!!! – LIFE WON’T WAIT, it’s called.

check ya ~

tim, kellie, and dean feeder   🙂