The tour has been amazing, I can’t believe it’s gone by so quickly! Thank you to everyone who came, sang along to the songs, and made us feel really bloody great. You’re all so awesome. I had to have a mid-set vomit at The Annandale, sorry about that.

We had a lot of great feedback, and a lot of people took photos, here’s a small selection .. and see them all here. A couple of shaky side-of-stage videos for you too, their notable charm is that you get to really examine what Dean’s doing, and man, he’s working hard! Thanks to Sean for shooting that, and thanks to all the amazing photographers, Peter Sharp, Benon, the guys at From the Pit,, aaabackstage and the aureview as well.


Two gigs left, Toowoomba and Brisbane.

See you at the bar ~ Tim, Kel, Dean and Darek