*If you can’t find the [screamfeeder] check box (or indeed the [tim] [dean] and [kellie] ones..!) on your voting slip this saturday, make sure to vote LABOR instead. No excuses, let’s get that wanker Howard out of circulation.

Aside from that, screamfeeder are still working hard writing that next album, and it’s coming together bit by bit.. check the site for regular updates and news.

I’m doing a couple of solo gigs around town (Brisbane) in the next few weeks, I’ll post the details up soon too.

Cheers to our practice room – mates, Powderfinger, for the big rap they gave us at their festival hall gig last Saturday – how nice was that?!

  • tim     :oP
  • kellie   😐
  • dean    :-]
  • darek   ;o)

**the feeder**