Posted on Jul 31, 2001

Well Well!! what about W.A.?!! what a fantastic time we had over there, cheers to everyone who came, especially to Sunday night’s rainy gig down at Mojo’s in Fremantle, we played for an hour and a half – they wouldn’t let us offstage, with about 6 or 7 “unplugged” songs at the end of the set – it was a real pleasure. We’ll be going back there again!

Cheers to our excellent people over there too, making our tour run so smoothly etc. (you know who you are, c’mon!) If you’re ever in Perth go the the Amplifier Bar, it rocks, and the DJ plays anything you want.

Had the misfortune of flying QANTAS – that was the only downer of the trip. I’ve done a lot of flying, and can honestly say they must be the most incompetent, inept and generally hopeless airline I’ve ever experienced. Avoid like the plague.

OK this weekend is Sydney/NSW, the dates are:

  • Thurs 2nd Aug – Northern Star, Newcastle NSW
  • Fri 3rd Aug – Caringbah Bizzos, Caringbah NSW
  • Sat 4th Aug – Annandale Hotel, Annandale NSW
  • Sun 5th Aug – Headlands Hotel, Wollongong NSW

It should be wicked, it’ll be Darek’s first trip outta town with us, I think he’s quite excited, so are we. Come and check out his chops. All gigs are with the fantastic Youth Group. The following weekend is Melbourne, a flying visit, 2 gigs only, we’ll give you the details next week.

Someone told me something funny about Lo-Tel on the weekend, but it was 5 in the morning, I was a bit pissed, can’t remember what it was – damn!

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