Posted on Feb 26, 2001

Thank God I got my computer back in action, I was starting to go insane.OK! Cheers to all the lovely folk in Adelaide, Melbourne and even Ballarat! What a weekend!!

Mega thanks also to the wonderful H BLOCK 101 – they rock, see them if you get a chance. Talk about decent guys too, jeesh!

Guess what? we’re doing a sneak trip down to Sydney on the 9th and 10th of March!! (a week and a half away!) We’ll be playing at the Vic on the Park in Marrickville, on the Saturday night. Not sure of the supports yet, but they’ll be good ones, I know it.

*Hey, Lo-Tel have offered us their pad for the whole weekend for free!!! Cutting accom costs – I’m down with that! they’ve even promised us dinner, guitar lessons, and a large night out on the white wine!! Talk about getting the treatment. The singer dude’s gonna give me a haircut too. Either that or I’ll damn well give him one.