We’re hitting the “regional areas” for a coupla quick dates:

  • Tim solo at the Rose and Crown on the Gold Coat (Surfers Paradise) on Wednesday (11th) playing at 11.00 ish
  • Screamfeeder at the National Hotel in Toowoomba on Friday (13th) playing about midnight

Bloody hell, the 11th of September, and Friday the 13th! both pretty “weird” dates huh?!

Darek had a dream he was in Oasis last week, then he woke up.. and realised he was in the ‘feeder!! – he was happy, naturally.

See you all at the bar!

*tim – bloody mary, easy on the worchestershire sauce
*kellie – red wine, of course
*dean – a nice cold Boags
*and darek – Tequila.

the ‘feeder**