OK It’s next weekend already!!

we’re coming to Sydney – yes we’ll be hitting Newcastle on thursday night (Northern Star) the Hopetoun friday night, and the Caringbah bizzos saturday night. It’s gonna be a blast so be there. Tell all yr friends too. there’ll be great support bands on each night, not sure of them all yet, except FURTHER at the Hoey, who sound a little like Midget used to, pretty rock, pretty intense.

We’ll also be doing a special instore gig somewhere in Sydney on the Saturday afternoon, it’ll be free and loud. And fun – a gig in a recordshop?? yes please!! There’ll be all the usual exciting stuff going on like signing of cds, giving t shirts away, shoplifting (kidding) etc etc.

Might even be a cold lager or 2 floating around. So we’ll let you know where it’s gonna be closer to the time. Don’t worry, it’s definitely happening!

..Also we’re doing a live gig on sydney harbour bridge, but that one isn’t definite yet.

News about our gigs in other cities very soon, it’s all gettin’ stitched up.

This time we will most definitely “see you at the bar”!
tim/kel/dean/mike = the feeder.