Kellie discovered the design late one night in an Adelaide toilet… so thanks Adelaide, (and thanks toilets)(and alright, alright, thanks Kellie).

C’mon, check out the photos of this fab new shirt at:

it’s available in the grey or the green, and both have stylish black neckline and cuffs. Sizes XL, L, M, and Girls are all in stock and only available for purchase here or at gigs.

OK gig round up for the next two months –


  • fri 4th, Annandale Htl, sydney, with Nancy Vandal and Grounded
  • sat 5th  HOMEBAKE festival. 3.35 pm, big top.
  • thurs 10th the HOLDFAST htl, Adelaide
  • fri 11th – Adelaide uni with Not From There, Custard, Swervedriver and Powderfinger.
  • Sat 12th Adelaide, TBC.
  • Thurs 17th Kallangur Htl, Brisbane  (my spell checker suggested KATMANDU??!)
  • Fri  18th Waterloo htl, Brisbane
  • Tues 29th Glenworth Valley Festival (an hour out of Sydney)
  • Wed 30th  The Falls festival, Lorne, Vic
  • Thurs 31st, new year’s eve, the AUSTRAL – Adelaide


  • sat 2nd Perth, TBC
  • sun 3rd MUDSLINGER FESTIVAL – Perth
  • mon 4th MUDSLINGER Jnr – all ages.

So see you at some of the gigs hopefully.
Oh yeah, it’s pretty obvious, we’re really favouring our “city of the year”, *ADELAIDE* at the moment! Cheers everyone down that way!

bye for now,


F*#%KN HELL! – Having trouble finding our CDs?

PLEASE tell us the names and locations of shops where you can’t find our stuff, as we can then pass on the info to those in charge of our distribution and tell them to get things movin’. But we’ll never know if you don’t tell us… not just the latest releases either – any old feeder cd you happen to be after.