Like Distortion and Fuzz? Like Screamfeeder? Like making a damn racket? Like cool one-off stuff? Look no further.

The furthest outposts of the world are populated by mad Screamfeeder fans, eager to be part of the gang. And don’t they represent well?! Syl, our great ambassador from France whipped up this cool fuzz pedal.

Called the Bunny, it delivers truckloads of ear destroying noise to an amplifier near you. Modeled on the Way Huge Red Llama it sounds pretty damn close to a Big Muff. Etched (yes, with chemicals) with the gun from the Bunny single cover and a cute pic of us on the back, this is truly a collector’s wet dream.


We are raffling this little piece of heaven off, at $10 a ticket.

It gets better.

All proceeds will go to Tym Guitars‘ charity of the month, The Green Gecko Project, helping homeless kids in Cambodia. Tym’s a champ for running this, so get on the train.

(Our) Tim will play through this pedal at the Woodlands show and then draw the winner at the end of the night. Tickets can be purchased here, or at Tym Guitars shop, or at the gig.

Tickets are $10.00. Buy Now!
[until Thursday midday, after that buy tickets at the gig]