Rocks-Album-CoverOK the cat’s now out of the bag. We’re writing new songs. And we’re going into the studio in early September to record the first 2 or 3 of them. These will be released in October, in time for our TOUR IN NOVEMBER to celebrate the ROCKS ON THE SOUL re-issue on glorious vinyl through the illustrious Poison City Records.

That’s pretty good huh? Is that enough for you? Our first new stuff in 10 years.. Rocks back after 15 (!) and sounding better than ever. I know, it’s nuts, we walk into the practice room and it feels like yesterday.

Pretty much every band in the world is re forming right now, and why the hell not, being in a band is better than: having a job, having kids, buying a house, or deciding “the band isn’t doing it for me any more dude, I need to branch out and discover myself”. No, these things will come and go, band-life is forever.

So yeah, exciting! We’re back, bro. Pass the word, pass the dutchie, get your hi-5’n hands up and ready.

To celebrate the general awesomeness of vinyl, we’re chopping back the price on the 4 pack of vinyl releases from last year. $80.00 for the lot, plus we’re offering free postage (ie we will get in the car and deliver them) to inner-west Brisbane. Check it here.