April 21, 2017 Four Four / ABC Music 5748686 (Australia). June 23, 2017 Rogue Wave Records (US, Europe) RW 001CD / RW001LP

Our 7th proper studio album, and the one released after the longest break we've ever had.

We started making this record in late 2015 when spurred on by our then label Poison City Records, we recorded Alone in a Crowd, our first "new" single. Over the next year we wrote another 12 songs and released two more singles: All Over It Again and Karen Trust me.

We recorded the album at The Shed, in Brisbane, late 2017, with Darek Mudge as chief engineer. We then divided up the songs between 5 mix engineers to get some diversity.

  • Half Lies & Making It Up mixed by David Downham at Gradwell House Recording, NJ.
  • Got A Feeling, Regrets & Sciatic Heart mixed by Paul Q. Kolderie at Camp St Studios, MA.
  • All Over It Again mixed by Wayne Connolly at The Neve Room, Sydney.
  • Sonic Souvenirs, Alone in a Crowd, Not Afraid & Going To California mixed at The Shed by Darek.
  • Falling & Shelter mixed by Brad Wood at Seagrass Studio, Los Angeles, CA.

Bryce Moorhead assisted recording Alone In A Crowd. Morgan Hann played keyboard on Not Afraid. Mastered by Hans DeKline at Sound Bites Dog, Los Angeles. Photography by Stephen Booth and layout by Tim.

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