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Screamfeeder’s Kitten Licks by Ben Green and Ian Rogers

This book tells the story of Kitten Licks in the words of those who lived it, and who still do. How it was made, how it was swept up into ’90s mythology and what the journey tells us about the fickle nature of music production in Australia, namely: how to survive it.

Bloomsbury Publishing, 33 1/3 Oceania Jon Stratton (Series Editor), Jon Dale (Series Editor)

Spanning a range of artists and genres from Australian Indigenous artists to New Zealand noise music to Australian rock, 33 1/3 Oceania offers exciting accounts of albums that illustrate the wide range of music made in the Oceania region.

Ben Green is a research fellow at Griffith University, Australia. He is the author of Peak Music Experiences: A New Perspective on Popular Music, Identity and Scenes (2021) and co-editor of Popular Music Scenes: Regional and Rural Perspectives (2023).

Ian Rogers is a senior lecturer at RMIT University, Australia. A popular music studies scholar, he is the author of Popular Music Scenes and Cultural Memory (with Andy Bennett, 2016).

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