Screamfeeder - Above the Dove

Shock Records / Hypnotized Label. Hip 039 September 2000

The first single from Rocks On The Soul. The other two, Stopless and Mr Tuba were promo only.

1. Above The Dove
2. Oh My God it’s Full of Stars
3. Airlift King





We’ve got an intergalactic invasion on our hands / don’t call security because they won’t understand / the doves are nesting in the floodlights on the field / they don’t want to miss the action darkness might conceal / aliens take positions in our libraries one by one / they unwrite our history books with their little laser guns / as we’re deleted word by word it becomes clear / future’s exploded because our past has disappeared / knowing there’s a sign to say they’ll take you when they leave / wearing shirts that proudly state that we believe / confident the continent will surely hear the word / the call’s been made and all the passengers have heard / going to a place where they can walk the streets with pride / the insect world is packed and they all climb inside / the birds can learn to swim and all the fish will fly / above the dove in the safety of the sky / you won’t be proud, but you won’t be allowed / above the dove in the safety of the clouds

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Rocks On The Soul


Yellow or Burgundy vinyl re-issue of our 5th album, from 2000. Re-mastered and re-packaged, includes 27-song download code.

Original 2000 Double CD, Shock Records.

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CD, Vinyl

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