Guilt Ridden Pop TRG89361-2. September 1997

Released in America on Guilt Ridden Pop in Minneapolis, USA.

Available in Australia on import only. All songs already released on other albums and singles except Bridge Over Nothing, which is an unreleased demo version.

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I’m neat in cycles / mess on the floor / cram you in twice a day / you ask what for? / with every mention you make and every lesson you take / every question at stake is one big lie / with all the soul that’s on sale and all the lost / ones you bail / every boring detail is one big lie / bite with incisors / try all your might / denial’s exciting / treason’s alright / I’m in denial / losing litres by the mile / I’m cruising up your dial


Bruises are self-inflicted packets of pain / mysterious punishment reminds you again / I know I know I know I know I know / markings that show the secret feelings below / subconscious condones it but it won’t let you know / I know I know I know I know I know / so I’ll hibernate and sneak right out of the cold / freeze up the hate somewhere and leave it on hold / suppose suppose suppose suppose suppose / when I awake and crawl out into the sun / bruises have faded and resentment is done / suppose suppose suppose suppose suppose / little punishments you don’t deserve but you take / I won’t I won’t I won’t I won’t I won’t

Bridge Over Nothing

Don’t talk about what you thought about alone / it’s not true that you can make it on your own / don’t think about what you heard was true before / nothing’s holding any water any more / don’t be scared by laws that keep you in your lanes / it’s a cruel scheme that’s keeping us the same / don’t be cornered by the corners in your mind / you can’t build bridges or put up barriers inside / bridge going nowhere over nothing / don’t make a sound it’s a moment just for you / a tiny second amplified to hear through / it’s a come on from the force you would deny you can’t bridge the gap or build a wall to hide the lie

Lost in the Snow

It didn’t hurt / we kept right on playing / we hadn’t heard the faithful praying / with all we had / it didn’t seem to matter / the news was bad / the future badder / falling into a hole was pointless and just wrong / we only wish you what it takes to get along / it didn’t rain / skies didn’t open / the world spun on / angels were hoping / it didn’t hurt / it was a lesson / snowing on dirt / you were a blessing / you lost your vision and forgot your golden star / and when it did rain they weren’t tears for you at all / you kept it from us you were losing it / the angels watching over you just let you slip away so painlessly / they were the only ones who knew / now the snow has frozen up both your cities / the angels disappeared from view / they left before we could have owned them / like they had nothing left to do

Made of Stone

I have slept and I'm ok / a  little more like you each day / you don't phone and I don't write / made of stone we do alright / I had dreamt that I was cracked / I saw two statues interact / I was cold, I couldn't feel / I'm warming to your heart of steel / I awoke, I too was clay / little fragments fall away / break my bones and I won't fight /made of stone, we do alright

Who's Counting?

Put out the rubbish today / there’s a lot of things that I just can’t say / all of them wanting to be heard / most of them choking on a word / it’s a call that I can’t respond / since most of what I’ve said is at best half right / it’s all half wrong / facts are burnt but they’re not gone / they remain but I can’t explain you one / can’t pertain to one / walked down my street today / there’s a lot of cars parked in the way / reminds me of words that don’t make my mouth / I find I prefer not to talk it out / so our conversation’s lame / but who’s counting the ways we can be inane? / they’re all the same but we drag them out again / can’t react / it’s a trap and it’s a game / there are cracks I can’t explain / got cracks I can’t explain / filled up a box today / with all the things I managed not to say / they can’t stay because they’re no help / can’t throw them away all by myself / because they are cracks I could not foretell / I’m tracing them straight back to hell

Early Talker

My eyes are getting watery but you’re not in my way / you were an early talker now you don’t have much to say / but if that’s all you’ve got to give i’ll make sure it’s ok / hello to all the souls who can grab onto every moment / they form a bond with nature and inside they are a giant / but you’ve got to do your homework there’s no time to make a flame and set alight to all the bridges you may need another day, hey! / our heroes are the ones who have conquered all their fears / they escaped the desperation of their timid living peers /but all along the watchtower their sunsets will go grey from friends they’ve alienated or just let slip away / so i’ll ask for your opinion though it holds no real power / but it matters what you think and i feel less of a coward / but i don’t need to climb up to a sunlit mountaintop to die / cos if fulfillment is a ticket then i’m not gonna buy