Plus One Records P1-44 / P1-44-LP / August 27th 2012

Recorded June-July 2011 at The Shed by Darek Mudge. Mixed through 2011-2012. Mastered  by Jim DeMain at Yes Master, Nashville. Artwork by Bec Todd.

The album features the temporary line up through that period, which included Josh and Ben Thomson on guitar and bass. The songs spanned quite a long period, with It felt Like a Film being from about 2007, through to the newest song Ramp Up The Bleeding, from 2011.

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The standout track by far is the opening number “Ramp Up The Bleeding” which is just a freedom run of the purest kind. Come Up Invisible is a flawless album from a band that is only just beginning absolutely must own a copy of this album and then buy a copy for your mother and then your father and then for every single person you know Heavy and Weird

This is a band that demands your attention, but not with compromise.. Steward’s vocal and songwriting collaborations with Skye Staniford (push) the music into some deeply emotional territory..  Just add songs, 11 great ones, and you have one of the best records you’ll hear in 2012, from Brisbane or anywhere else. courier mail [pdf]

This is a completely sceneless record – sure, it gets loud, but it’s way too sweet to be part of any rock movement; at the same time, it’s far too raw to be claimed solely by folk or twee pop aficionados. It’s filled with the sort of smart, timeless and unpolished pop that never goes out of style

Combining the candid honesty of Frank Turner, the addictive pop melodies of The Naked and the Famous, and the haunting male/female harmonies of The xx, We All Want Toare, in a few words, bloody awesome. Do yourself a favour and buy, beg, steal or borrow this album. It is amazing. It is uplifting, charmingly unpolished and painfully honest. Review Score: 9.5/10 theaureview

We All Want To are in short really fucking incredible. They’re a band who can write glorious melodies, insightful lyrics & package it all together to create a sound that is both intelligent & fun. hotmenlookhotterinskinnyjeans

I have, for a long time thought Tim Steward wrote purely from intuition, and not by the rule book. Structures and tunes straight from his imagination and heart. The new WE ALL WANT TO LP is the best example yet of his big goofy imagination and pulse.  Joyous, then aching, adolescent, then full blown empathy and care. From live shows I was lucky enough to be at, I thought, again, he’s part of something super special. Come Up Invisible trumps what I hoped for. Pure joy. Tim Rogers, July 2012

Words like epic and sprawling don’t do justice to WE ALL WANT TO’s beautifully written and recorded second album. Andrew Stafford, Pig City, July 2012

We All Want To are like teenagers released from a decade-long detention – bursting with energy and great ideas. They produce a smorgasbord of indie sounds that hint at dozens of influences without losing their own quirkiness.. There are tricks bands can play to fire people up, and then there’s just being too good to resist.  Rave, March 2012

Earthy, emotional and sometimes heartbreakingly beautiful music that will restore your faith in the power of the long-playing record. Noel Mengel, The Courier Mail, July 2012

Loving it! Excited about new music finally! Other people love the velvets and big star more than me… And that’s a good thing cus we need it folks…
Scott kannberg / Spiral Stairs – Pavement, Preston School of Industry