Hypnotized HIP004. Released early 1995 on Hypnotized through Shock.

Recorded by Wayne Conolly.

1 Fill Yourself With Music

2 Hello There (Cheap Trick)

3 Thick And Shitty

The title track appears on Fill Yourself With Music (album) and Introducing Screamfeeder. The b sides are on Cargo Embargo.

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Fill Yourself With Music

Fill yourself with music let the good vibrations flow / if you ain’t heard the message then there’s something you should know / cos’ there’s guys to make you cry they start with e and b and m / and girls who’ll twist your world and you will be grateful to them / fill yourself with music! / fill yourself with song  let the music do the rest / elation to depression / extreme emotions are the best / my baby’s gone away / I can’t get by without her around / just turn it up and drown myself in sound / fill yourself! / walk out in the sunshine let it fill you up with light / and curl up with your radio to make it through the night / there’s special songs for everyone to make you feel alright / they open up your heart and bring your pain to the light

Thick and Shitty

All along you crave / what’s the song you gave? / little thoughts to save / now they’re gone – it’s late / little bits I keep / little loads to heap / I won't break in sleep / but I'm awake and weak / never once was strong / I can't speak 'cos I learned it wrong / did you learn it wrong / little locks that I glued / stale crumbs of food / known a lot of untruths / thought I could have proved / I should just let em fall / I get caught and snagged / I should forget them all