Posted on Jan 29, 2001

We’re doing ONE show in Brisbane, next Saturday, the 10th, at the Healer (in the valley) ! It’ll be us, and Watership Down, and Pale – both those bands have excellent songs and create beautiful moods… all ready for us to get on stage and shatter with our slightly less than subtle delivery.

Oh well, it’ll be a roller coaster ride of an evening! Get there early I say.Just a quick reminder, NSW this weekend: Thurs Newcastle, Fri Hopetoun, Sat Caringbah.

The jury’s verdict is in, after counting up all yr requests we’ll finally have a few different songs in the set this time round too, it’s gonna be very interesting!

Adelaide and Melbourne, we’re coming, hold on. 2 weeks!!Cheers to everyone who voted for us in the hottest one hundred, we actually did score a high ranking spot, but returning the favour that they did us by chickening out of Homebake (thus giving us their spot), we decided to forfeit our hot100 spot to Lo-Tel.

They deserve it we think, that video of theirs is just too beautiful! Most underrated band in the country? we think ..not.

OK now I got that out of my system, it’s time to hit “queue”.

see y’all.tim/kel/dean/mike ** screamfeeder