After my big hoo-ha last week over the mail outs and all the wonderful functions they can perform I went and screwed it all up by losing the things people sent me to put on the site and in the mailouts..

I’ve been transferring my files to my new computer all week and, well, I lost some stuff between there and here (across the room – sounds hard to do doesn’t it..) sorry – send in yr photos and blurbs again if you want.

Congratulations to Jarrod from Melbourne who nailed the Adam and the Ants reference last time, and won himself a screamfeeder cd in a matter of about 2 hours! *..I crept around outside his window at about half twelve last night, and he WAS playing it too! Spot the musical reference this time and you’re in line for some stalking-and a free cd of course. If you get it wrong you will receive a free Alex Lloyd cd, so think carefully.

Tim will play 2 special solo shows soon in Brisbane (1st person/3rd person dilemma kicking in, it’s too early in the morning) and these are:

  • This Saturday (12th) at Ric’s Bar, Valley Mall, 4pm – free entry, plus Trent of Four Horse Town fame will be playing too.
  • Friday 25th at the Zoo.

Rumours of a February Tour are circulating.. we’re gonna have to get in shape. Check Who Magazine for details next time you’re queuing up at Woollies.

**the feeder

  • Tim ** the stalker
  • kellie ** the dropout
  • dean ** Paddington 904064
  • Darek ** crack baby