Thanks to “the cheeseboard” – Brisbane’s cosiest saturday afternoon live spot (at Ric’s) – I had a great gig there on the weekend, something old, something new, something borrowed, and yes, even something a little blue..! But not for long, don’t worry. Thanks to everyone who came.

*I never know whether to write in the first or third person here so sometimes I’m “me” and sometimes I’m “tim” – today I’m just me ok?

I’m starting to record my first solo record tomorrow with world famous producer Matt Maddock (Bjork, Faith No More, Rolling Stones, Massive Attack, the Smiths, Bob the Builder ..the list goes on) at the helm. I’ve been saving up for about 10 years to do this and I’ve finally just about got enough cash. Expect much more shameless self promotion soon.

OK onto screamfeeder news: You know those posters we got printed, well I’ve got about 8 left, they’re face down on my sofa – I want to get rid of them, so I can sit down again (Gotta keep the merchandise nice and flat.. they’re face down because the cat likes to sit on them) – so get back to me quick, c’mon, it IS a race now!

Check our wonderful site to see the artwork.

We send them to you signed (if you want) in a sturdy cardboard tube that you can use for something afterwards ..a trombone maybe.. (I’ll even chuck in some bubble wrap for fun if you want.)

Metalhead alert! Darek’s got a very flash, very heavy, very rock 7 STRING GUITAR for sale – it’s top shelf, cost him around 2 grand. We wouldn’t let him play it in the feeder though, so he’s forced to sell it.

More news when there is some.

father tim, auntie kellie, brother dean and cousin darek = screamfeeder.