OK a quick mention, Tim’s Playing tonight (friday) at Ric’s in the Valley Mall (Brisbane) along with Jamie Hutchings of Bluebottle Kiss fame. Both solo.

Oof, talk about a night of torturous rock, the temperature will be UP.

Screamfeeder continue to pump out new songs every week, aiming for that new album in Feb. We’ve got some real killers, you’re gonna love the album, it’s gonna make the last 2 seem like a relaxing walk by the river. Look out for tim’s new “1 chord” guitar philosophy.

We’ve scored a couple of dates (not those kind of dates) with American punk rockin legends SLEATER KINNEY! Doing the Zoo in Brisbane and the Gaelic Club in Sydney, in December. Check the site: http://www.screamfeeder.com

Tim’s off to Adelaide next week, in full executive mode, to appear at “Music Business Adelaide” – a full on cross platform multi angle mixed media music biz hoe down that goes on all weekend in our favourite little wine – drenched city in the south. (made all that up myself!)

South Australians should count themselves lucky that Tim will NOT be speaking on any subject even vaguely related to music “business” as such. It would be a disaster, and the next generation of aussie bands would end up being a bunch of wheelin, deelin, back door, under the table merchants! We wouldn’t want that. Instead Tim will be speaking at the songwriting conference on the afternoon of Sunday the 24th. check it out on the web: http://www.mba.on.net/

It sounds like a whole heap of fun.

And of course while in town Tim will be doing a couple of solo gigs:

  • Thurs 21/11, at the Prince Albert Htl,
  • Sat 23/11 at the Exeter Hotel, Semaphore

It’s been so long since we’ve played there, it’ll be great to be back!

If you live in Brisbane you should shop at MUSE RECORDS, just opposite “the Paddo” on Given Tce, Paddington. What a great little record shop it is, (added bonus: you might even find the odd screamfeeder member manning the stereo and cash register).We still have some of our lovely hand printed posters for sale too, get back to us quick..

see y’all up at the bar..timkelliedeandarek