Posted on Mar 25, 2002

Well a lot of new people signed up recently, thanks y’all! I’ve been wondering what to write in this mailout, hence the delay, as we’re up to so much, but it’s so scattered and all over the place. What can i say? – we’re just that kind of band!

We did some recording recently, you can read about it on the site, we’ve been demoing new songs, and as usual we’ve philosophising endlessly about the band, its place in our lives and in the world (oof!).

* Tim’s doing an solo show at QUT in Brisbane on the evening of Thursday 28th (this week). It’s free, and local band Wipsnade Zoo will be playing too. The night before Good Friday – should be a fairly decent excuse for a couple of lagers and some tip top entertainment!

* Tim and Kel are doing the “duet” thing again at Ric’s in the Brisbane Valley mall on Sunday – yes, Easter Sunday. Expect a few intimate blissed out ‘feeder tunes, a couple of covers and plenty more musical treats, (shit, we might even throw in a Rancid cover, after listening to the Rancid / NoFx split album all day..) Fluent JB will DJ between our sets, there’s a well stocked bar, and we’ll even give out some free easter eggs. Sounds too good to be true huh?

It’s free, and starts around 4pm. Last time we played there we both tripped over leads all day and Kel’s mic stand swung round and smacked her in the face a couple of times. It was lots of fun.

Welcome to the feeder mailout everyone, hope you’re having fun already..

  • Tim – fish fingers, beans and chips
  • Kellie – has a new car, and it’s older than she is
  • Dean – can stumble out of bed at 7.58 and catch the 8.00 bus
  • Darek – is now an “I.T. Officer” – some respect please!

**the feeder**