Well we sure made up for our “temporary absence from the festival circuit” last weekend at Splendour! Darek “sat down and had a little rest” in the mud, for a couple of hours, Dean managed to display his arrow, a cross and the Star of David all at once and get away with it, and the rest of us did a jolly good job and represented ourselves thoroughly well throughout the day.

Out of the two gigs we played on the weekend we had irate stage techs after our asses after both the shows claiming we’d broken stuff – but later apparently the stuff was either fixable or “not broken after all”. Weird. Mellow out guys. kum-by-ah my lord!

Our new single “1*2*3*4*5” will be out in a couple of weeks, we’re pretty excited. It’s the keyboard song we’ve been doing live (and the one where Justin from the label comes up the front and gets all the words wrong – “5 4 3 2 1” nice.)

We’re playing a show this weekend in Brisbane at The Healer – it’s kinda part of the valley fiesta, a three night event called “triple hook” (wonder where they got that name). We’re on last on Saturday night (26th) after local heavyweights Halfway and Lancaster. It should be a fine night of revelry as the Fiesta usually gets people going pretty well.

That’s all for now, but lots more news coming soon.

tim – badgers r us
kellie – coats r us
dean – symbols r us
darek – vodkas r us

**the feeder**