OK we’ve got the Healer gig tomorrow night, in Brisbane’s Valley. We’ve got a few new songs in the set, a couple of old faves we’d forgotten about, stuff like that.

We’ve been trying to learn how to play “close again” but Mike and Dean decided to go to AC/DC this week, so we didn’t go to practice.. but we’ve still got new stuff to play!!We’re also doing a web chat thing, where you nerds get on yr computers and “talk to us”.

The official blurb:”SCREAMFEEDER — Tuesday 13 February, 7pm AEDT With a new album, Rocks On The Soul, on the shelves and a tour in the works, Screamfeeder will jump into the music chatroom bursting with enthusiasm and on-the-road stories. Catch the trio on Tuesday, February 13 at 7pm AEDT if you can make it, or send questions to if you can’t. http://www.juice.net/musicchat.htm

Note: All times are in AEDT — Australian Eastern Daylight-savings Time which applies to NSW, ACT, TAS and VIC. QLD is 1 hour behind, SA is 1/2 hour behind, NT is 1 1/2 hours behind, WA is 3 hours behind and New Zealand is 2 hours ahead.)

“We are bursting with enthusiasm too!! If you’re not up for a web chat, not technologically advanced or whatever (we don’t mind) you can always give us a call if there’s something you want to know.. go on, feel free, ask away.

We’ll I’d better give you the dates for the rest of the tour huh?Adelaide:Thurs 15th the Enigma Barfri 16th the Holdfast both shows with punkers H BLOCK 101 who we saw at homebake and they rocked very well indeed thank you very much.

  • Melbourne:Sat 17th: The Evelyn, not sure who with yet. It’ll be someone good though.
  • Sun 18th: big special rock night in BALLARAT! Us and H BLOCK again.

You’d better not let us down ballarat! Kellie’s got this theory that rock has been driven back underground where it belongs, and there’s gonna be a true rock resurgence any minute (look out). I think I agree with her.. let’s rock!you know where we’ll be.