Posted on Jun 9, 2002

How sweet is this: in preparation of our imminent Singapore jaunt, MTVAsia are now playing the feeder on the telly!

And it gets better, they’re running three new videos over there today (monday 10th) and getting audience to get online and vote for their fave, which will be added to their regular daytime playlist. Our STOPLESS video is one of the three.

So this is where we ask you, the feeder barmy army, to do us a big favour in return for our years of service enriching yr lives with our hard work, (ha!) and go to:– go down to the bottom, choose “Stopless” and hit vote – it’s a piece of piss! If everyone takes 5 seconds to do it a few days in a row, we’ll clean up and dominate the screens of Asia, over all the R&B boy bands who currently rule the airwaves there apparently. Thanks.

We’ve now been chosen to headline the Asian Youth Music Festival in the middle of Singapore on sat 29th June, which features bands from all over Australasia. A whole lot more news on the trip very soon.

In the meantime check out: and

Onto local stuff, we’re playing 2 shows next week in Brisbane, both with Sarah Dougher from America. First up at the Zoo on Thursday night, our first local full band show in a while, then on Saturday night at Ric’s, the Tim n Kel show – we’ll do our usual eclectic (read: “all over the damn place”) set of covers, feeder hits and rarities. Kel on the keys, me on the guitar.

Thanks to everyone who came and either smiled at us or yelled “Satan!” at us on the weekend in NSW – we love both those responses, so cheers!

*Darek had his “best gig ever” with us at Blaxland of all places.. you should a been there.

*Dean didn’t end up driving at all the whole trip. his excuse? “I’ve got a sore neck dude”.


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