Friday 20th Jan – PONY, with Little Athletics, Teen God and Children Collide. This show will be a corker – get in early, Pony’s small. Oh that’s right you were there last weekend dancing to Adam and the Ants on your millionth lager for the evening. No, seriously though, it will be “intimate” and fun.

Saturday 21st Jan – Green Room – 3rd Birthday bash featuring about 10 or 11 other bands, including all star bands of your fave Melbourne rock celebrities (Nick Cave? perhaps not). it will be sold out so get in early, we play at 11.45pm. We’re staying just upstairs, so if you offer us a drink we might even just say YES.

And, we’re in the running for the hottest 100 Let’s dream for a minute that a world exists where only 99 songs with acoustic guitars, mournful earnest semi political vocals and perhaps even djembe or – god forbid – didjeridoo were released in one calendar year (HA!) – there would be one place left in JJJ’s hottest 100 for a ROCK song.

Know what I’m saying? click her, NOW: and vote for “all the other times” ..or for that matter anything else you can find in there which doesn’t fall into the “solo artist” category. please. a world with some rock in it? a dream..? #100 would suit us fine. Act now!!

see you >>> at le bar.
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