Screamfeeder news

October 11, 1999

Our new 10 track EP “HOME AGE” will be out in the shops by the 2nd week of november, just a month away!

For Brisbane people: we’re playing a FULL BAND show (tired of the acoustic thing for now) at RIC’S in the Valley mall this Friday night (15th) It’s free to get in. We’re quite excited about doing a loud show again, it’s gonna rock. Make sure to bring earplugs.

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screamfeeder EP

October 1, 1999

Check out the new EP!!

and we’ve got our MP3 site up and running too:


screamfeeder news

September 6, 1999

We finished recording and mixing our new EP early on Sunday morning, and we are VERY happy indeed with the results. We master next Sunday, then it’ll go into production. There’s something for everyone on the record, and many surprises too! We’ll announce the release date as soon as we know it, as well as more info etc.

In the meantime those acoustic shows are the next thing on our busy agenda! the dates again:

  • NEW: ***WED 8th: Press Club, BRISBANE – (Tim Solo) – 3 sets!***
  • THURS 9th: Hopetoun, Sydney
  • FRI 10th: Goldman’s, Sydney
  • SAT 11th: Empress, Melbourne
  • SUN 12th: Corner, Melbourne

The Feeder.


August 30, 1999

Well it’s finally gonna happen (and it’ll probably only happen once): Tim and Kellie will be doing acoustic shows in Sydney and Melbourne in 2 weeks!!

the dates are:

  • Thurs 9th sept – Hopetoun Htl, Syd. With Dearhunters (featuring ex clouds and verys)
  • Fri 10th – Goldmans, Syd. with Art Of Fighting from Melbourne.
  • Sat 11th – Empress Htl, Fitzroy, Melbourne, with Dearhunters
  • Sun 12th – -Corner Htl Melbourne, front bar gig

So come and see us, it’ll be fun.

ALSO!!: We have been recording our new EP all weekend and we finished as the sun rose this morning. We do the mixing later this week. We’re VERY excited about this recording… Magoo brought out the best in the ‘feeder! It’s going to be a BIG step onwards from our last releases. More details about the EP soon.

Tim/Kel/Uncle Henry xxx

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