Released in May 1993 on Survival through Shock. SUR532CD.
Taang! Records, 1994, Taang!88.
Poison City Vinyl Release in 2014, PCR084.
Modern Morning vinyl re-issue in 2023, MOD008.

In 1993 we released our second album, Burn Out Your Name. It was a great period for the band, we were touring heaps, even overseas, and writing songs fast. It was a great period for the Aussie music scene as well, there were lots of amazing bands and venues doing great things.

Recorded by David Price at Megaphon in Sydney. Evan Dando and Tom Morgan joined us to sing backing vocals on Goat Cheese.

Released in America by TAANG! in 1994 (TAANG!88). The record was remastered and repackaged – the black and white photo from the cover was coloured a sepia tone which looked pretty good.

In 2014 we released the vinyl edition of the album through Melbourne label Poison City. It was re-mastered and re-packaged to celebrate. A second self-released version of this was pressed and released in 2023.


Burn Out Your Name 2023 Vinyl


The fourth run of our 1993 album, this time on Yellow /or/ Red & Magenta splatter (limited to 100 copies) vinyl!

This edition comes with all new fold-out insert art, featuring lyrics, and previously unseen photos.

The cult classic ‘Burn Out Your Name’ was originally released in May 1993 on Survival Records in the US by TAANG! in 1994, and in Australia by Poison City Records in 2014. Recorded by David Price at Megaphon in Sydney. Guest vocals by Evan Dando and Tom Morgan on Goat Cheese

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Yellow, Splatter, Both

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Burn Out Your Name US release CD


Our second album, from 1993. Aus or US CD versions are usually both available, they feature the same tracklisting, just very slightly different mastering and cover art.

The US one is more common these days.

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Jamie Hutchings from Bluebottle Kiss wrote:

Ah.. the lottery that is life. I used to see Screamfeeder at every opportunity around this time. They were going head to head with You Am I on a lot of bills, and I honestly had no idea who would win out in the rock’n’roll path of fame stakes. They were that good! Good enough that I’d usually pay to see them open up for bands I had no intention of sticking around the rest of the night for.

Chunky, tinnitus-inducing riffs, bittersweet melodies and throat-implosion vocals; and on this album a dreamy molasses-like glaze over everything. Burn Out Your Name has everything that was special about the band during this era. Now it’s etched deep within the grooves of a vinyl record – where it belongs.

Jamie Hutchings May 2014

fingers and toes

can’t see for seeing / can’t feel for being / eyes try to fail me / can’t lie to save me / too many exits / not enough guts to stand trial / not enough time to stay a while / had my turn and blew it / should have said I knew it / too much waste to conquer / too much hate to want to / get on the outside and turn me right over / stuck on the inside each day getting older / rip it right out take my head off my shoulders / get on the outside until there’s nothing left over / too many exits / not enough health for two of us / not enough help to use / and I have to feel it / you can keep your dreaming / you can hide your feelings / can you look not have it? / can you feel not grab it? / can you just not have it?

wrote you off

wrote you off but I’m missing / now I’m down for some kissing / fingers crossed I was wishing / they’re a knot and I’m pissing in the wind and I can’t untie them / hold my hand because I’m quaking / don’t need coffee to be shaking / wish it was progress that I’m making / but it’s a mess and it’s breaking like a twig and I can’t repair it / I can’t repair it / got my hands in my pockets / feeling dumb I should stop it / got my guts in a bucket / and my heart I think I lost it / wrote you off but I’m missing / now I’m down from the bitching / hold my hand because I’m itching / understand why I’m cringing / just inside but I cannot hide it / like a coal and it’s burning through me / like the cold and it’s turning freezing / and my heart / I think I lost it

sushi bowl

hear sirens / flashing warnings / early mornings awake / loose house keys / you’re the bee’s knees / what’s your number please? / if I had to out of my turn / wash the dishes / feed the fishes / if I had to if I had to / only if I had to / phone’s ringing / no one answers / doesn’t matter here / tv fades / purple lips from rich red lipsticks / if I had to out of my turn / finding teaspoons on spare afternoons / watching cartoons / if I had to if I had to / only if I had to / existing / broken tapes / bowls of cornflakes / it’s lonely being the only one without anyone

I won’t be there

come on and show yourself to me / stop playing around / you know you’re no trouble to me / don’t bring me down / I ain’t going to take you apart / won’t get in your hair / I ain’t going to run you aground / shoot you down from the air / come on and tell me a secret / give me a clue / you know I’m not one to repeat it / one to answer to / I won’t tie up your tender heart / I won’t try to ensnare / I won’t be the lock and chain / or the key to get in there / I won’t be there / I won’t waste your time with my messing / you’re running so late / you won’t have to ask for my blessing / no reason to wait.. hesitate / I won’t take up all your attention / won’t leave you stripped bare / won’t be able to give you a mention / if I’m not there to care / I won’t be there

hole of blood

there is a lot of major carnage in nature and we can only let it pass / real guys don’t want to watch the tarantula annihilate / they’d rather watch the cowboys kicking ass / but when she says she can’t have you because her hole of blood is keeping her whole / there’s a lot of bad inside the hand of every man / we don’t have to act like ants / we don’t live for the tribe / don’t have to live by the tribe to survive / it’s better to die / it’s better first that you should know some about the forces keeping you alive / don’t beat it to submission / it’s always fear that always underlies / too scared to adore / fresh orders to obey / keeping you unsure / keep your hate at bay / or does it make you bigger? / getting things disfigured / you are your own worst enemy / just admit it you don’t like alternatives / there’s a lot of indiscrepancies on board / contradictions are the only thing that’s sure / real guys don’t want to see a death they couldn’t create / they want some real action so they can relate

goat cheese

passing fruit from tree to tree / sucking on our separate leaves / you are you and I am me / talk about this freedom thing / then they get the cops around / stressing about crumbs of weed / like stems and seeds / going to sit in a cave and eat goat cheese / heard about the scary men / found them under my stair again / creeping into my lair and they crawl along my branch / then they come and chain my hands / computer bugs and virus men / they’re out there and inventing them / for all of us it’s irrelevant as living goes / got berries / got sticks and beans / no hardware / no hard vr / got software / got sugar jar / going to sit in a cave and eat goat cheese


don’t bring me symptoms / I don’t feel sick / I don’t want a promise if it won’t stick / I don’t want nothing except you to push my button / don’t want anaesthetic / I’m not awake / I feel pathetic / mistakes I make / I don’t need nothing except you to push my button / you know the secret / I hope you ain’t forgotten / I don’t want nothing except you to push my button / don’t want an injection / I’ve got it sewn / don’t want your infections / I’ve got my own


turn it into a monster / I’d rather it was a raindrop / turn it into a tea cup / end it up with a full stop / send it up to the tree tops / see if you can change it from / see if you can change its form / somewhere we can throw it from and see the dawn come / turn it into a sore face / I’d rather it was a snowflake / turn it into a headache / end it up with a heartbreak / wind it out with an earthquake / see if you can change its form / see if you could change it from the hell it could easily become / try to deflect the rays / all the hate you send my way / turn it into water and cool it in the rain / turn it into ashes and cover it with grey / turn it into snowflakes and freeze away the pain / freeze away the pain

smoke from tinsel

it happens to me ten times a day and as it happens I don’t know another way / perhaps I should have worn a wetsuit to keep out of the rain but I just want it to happen again / having to hold on tightly or I’ll be thrown away / having to let go slightly so I can stay / curse me again / call my name / give a damn / how much this time? how much will I get? / I’ve been giving it away for free and I ain’t going to stop yet / how many good or bad things will it take to change this time? / it ain’t going to take much more to change my mind / having to treat my instincts as though they’re always wrong / promises made but left behind for later on / turn yourself around / have control / have control / how to get to you before it turns around / and I’m happy when my mind can find its way around / take your time and tell me if I frown / having to wind in gently / having my mind made for me / torn in two / follow through / it’s hard to do

around a pole

lost the greatest riff I ever had / fell asleep and let it hide / forgot I forget things by the morning / they just get buried under all the piles of junk in my mind / and they’re gone for good / can’t bring them back / messed up what I said to you / to think I had it all so well planned / all I want to do is send some love to you / can’t I have just this one wish? / it will be my last demand / and my wish got lost / realize the cost / got impatient and the spell was broke / by some little word I spoke / if the string of conversation gets caught between your teeth / don’t look for me for relief / the spell is broke and the moment’s gone / I’d lost my hope all along / but you found it tied around a pole

hold on

ain’t got the flame to burn out your name / ain’t got the hammer to shatter the chain / can’t find the knife to cut you a slice / to kill off your hunger and dry out your eyes / hold on it’s nearly all gone / ain’t you going to tell me I’m wrong? can’t find the words to make myself strong / ain’t got the strength to let it go on / ain’t got the heat to warm up your seat / ain’t got the spark to try and compete / can’t find the sugar to sweeten your mouth / I ain’t got the money to call you now / hold on it’s nearly all gone / can’t you see that it just is wrong? / ain’t got the words to make a new song / ain’t got the strength to let it go on / ain’t got the lips to give you a kiss / ain’t got the body to fulfill your wish / ain’t got the voice to sing you goodnight / ain’t got the arms to say it’s alright / hold on it’s nearly all gone / can’t you see that it just is wrong? if you want me I won’t be along / ain’t got the strength to let it go on