Originally released in June 1992 on Survival Records.

Our debut album, re-mastered in 2014 for vinyl and expanded digital release on Poison City Records, Melbourne.

BEFORE FLOUR THERE WAS THE DEMO. It must have cost the band a small fortune in postage because I remember every man and his dog having a copy of that cassette. I lifted mine from the Half a Cow shop. When FLOUR was released it was obvious just how ahead of the curve "the 'feeder" were. While most of us were still trying to figure out how to write a tune, the songs on FLOUR had structure, wit, melody, and dynamics. It became an instant fixture on my new "5 disc carousel CD changer". So much so that later, when the stereo was stolen, FLOUR went with it. We covered 'Bugging' for a while. Sung about wanting to "play second guitar" for them in one of our songs, and recorded a version of 'Over' for Mo Poontang. Top debut.
Tom Morgan (Smudge, Godstar, Sneeze) March 2014

Walking Through The Village was recorded at Pyramid Studios, in June 1990 when we were still The Madmen, with Cam Hurst on bass guitar. It was engineered by Jamie Carter, and produced by Murray Nash & Tim. The rest of the album was recorded at Vibrafeel Studios, Inala, between November 1991 and January 1992 right after we changed our name. It was engineered and produced by Mick Borkowski, and released in June 1992 on Sydney’s Survival Records.

After a while we realised that as a document of where the band was at in late 1991 the album sufficed, but we felt the songs deserved more. The experience we gained from a few years of hard touring and further recording meant we could come back and give the album some better treatment and presentation. Also the record was never really mastered the first time around.

So in 1996 we put some new vocals down, re-mixed most of the songs, improved the cover, and re-mastered it. This later version of FLOUR is what you’re hearing here, re-mastered afresh for vinyl in 2014 by Alan Douches @ West West Side, New York.

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There’s no one else around / and you’re the best thing in the world / so what do you want to want? / because there’s sadness in your eyes / and some place you wish you were / so let the light embrace / because we’re still heavy on this earth / I wish everything went around / and I wish there was a sound / I don’t want to be in faraway places / never is anything coloured / or does it flower / this is the closest to my heaven transmission tower / if you’re scared you should have stayed / this is the place where no one goes / the edge without a seam / and we’re without a colour scheme / our eyes will swallow up the sky / never does it get darker / or does it change / never will the clouds lift / so they can make space / never will they let go / so they can take the test / never will they take flight / never leave the nest / never will they make the heavens or see the stars / never will they see the future or make the past / never is anything coloured or does it flower / this is the closest to my heaven transmission tower / there’s no one else around and now we’re more afraid / now they know how / and they’ve got the power / they’ve worked it out and they’ve built the tower / we’re more afraid


Could you be where I wanted you to be? / could I hold you when you would always say? / I never wanted a fast or happy ending / you made the brew that I could never taste / because it’s over before it starts / it’s over could you get out of my heart? / it’s over the end is face to face / and your face is the last face that will not remain / sitting on the front fence stroking my soul / thinking of a romance that could never take hold / dreaming for a second of glimpses that pass / wishing that your glimpse was the last glimpse and it wouldn’t last / could you be where I wanted you to be? / could you face and trust everything I’d say? / you said you faded the moment that you met me / but my life started on the day you went away


From deep within me / I’ll always hate it / too tired to shake it / so I just take it / I hear my number / as I slip under / you feed me pepper / and I just bet you / I’ll hate it / my hand’s a hammer / my heart won’t train it / your mind’s a spanner / and you’ll just drain it / I hear my number / I’m right above you / did I create it / for you to break it? Your eyes are razors / your mind’s a grater / can I get off now / if it won’t faze you? I’m hearing my number / I’m just getting number / you’re feeding me pepper / and I just forget it / I hate it


I hear my name being called from machines along the walls / I move towards my goal / paper cups and chicken rolls / all lined up evermore / I have it in my soul / I know I can’t go home / please take me to the store / open up the oven door / don’t have to wait no more / microwave heaven is here / some noodles and some beer / and a vid for later on / for me alone / the store looks hot it looks quite packed tonight / and we could stop and stare if you just slowed a bit / and if we had some money we could go spend it / and we could stay and ogle at the counter chick / I gave my hands to her / show me where the best things are / drinks chill and coffee spills / and popcorn pops for me / at 10:55 we’ll see / she stacks the shelves so well / with tacos toothpaste gel / to clean me feed me brush my teeth / but they don’t make it heaven

End of this Day

At the end of this day will I know what you’re trying to say / or will I know how to make a start? / end this day end of this hour / I will open you up like a flower / and then I will know what’s inside your heart / at the end of this day will you know what I’m trying to say / or will you know how to make a start? / end this day end of this summer / now I think that my time has come / and now I know what’s inside your heart / at the end of this day will you have anything left to say / or will you know how to play your part? / end this day end of this year / is anything anymore clear? / and now do you know what’s inside my heart?

Car Man

There’s too much fuel in my tank / no overtaking turning vehicles,  man / hope it gets me home tonight / hope it gets me through all this / catching all the orange lights / going to stay up late tonight / they can’t get inside my car / they can’t get inside my mind / my windows are wound up tight / they can’t see in through my eyes / saw nothing / travelled for miles / saw nothing / I looked down deep inside / can’t see an end in sight / biting my nails every block / I can’t slow down for all the stops / can’t slow down at all / might crash out tomorrow / drown every sound / kill every motion / I can’t turn around / I hope it gets me through all this / car man


All these little things keep bugging all the time / I don’t know how I let them keep getting at me / and how it takes so long to block out of my mind / and how to keep them gone when they stop at me / swim it through the ocean and drag it up the sand / beat it on the waves until I understand / all these little things keep bugging all the time / I feel them in the water and they’re crawling under / and heaven knows just how they got inside my head / they’re just below the surface where sometimes I forget / floating on the water / washed by the tide / going to come and meet me by the waterside / flushed down the river / going to push it down / going to hold it under / going to make it drown

Turn Over

Turn over / turn it on / if I bury my trail will I be gone? / hey look out he’ll kill you / and I don’t care about him anymore than / you’re the last thing that I would ever walk away from / having it all is having nothing / and I don’t care about nothing any more / you are the last thing that I would ever care about at all / if I’m gone would you follow? / I’ll burn my trail if I think you’ll come / you don’t like me here so you might like me gone / but if you don’t like me today then you will hate me tomorrow / hey slow down little thing and come in from the road / something made me slow when I want to explode / and I don’t care about / and I don’t want to go / you turn over / you don’t want to know

Walking through the Village

If I could hold onto one day long enough / if I could hold it back whenever it got rough / if I could lay it out for only me to see / then I could walk home through the village / easy / I climb the mountain and I see the houses still / and I hear stories about the city in the hills / I see the suburbs under 20 feet of snow / traffic lanes are gone but stars say where to go / they’re hanging cables and they’re digging up the ground / they’re ripping highways out and laying new ones down / they’ve made an overpass so we can get around / add 2 to 2 and you don’t always get 4 / here is the score: the hill is in the city / and it ain’t awful pretty / we’re sitting in the snow / and the freeway don’t always take us home / because I can walk home through the village

Through with You

I know I told you yesterday that I don’t mind but I’ve forgotten how to be kind / hope you don’t cry or let it hurt because it’ll hurt me 10 times worse / there’s something nagging in my head / and yes I know I thought I said / but now I’m looking for something to do / and I’m through with you / now all the promises I’ve made have fallen through and I feel like a bastard because I said we’d last / and I’ll feel sad when I see the photographs and all your things / guess this is what falling in love brings / now you can colour me terrible but I still think I should go / this will be better for both of us in the end you know


Torment torment you never did so much / well not a such / hammer hammer until my head was slush / until I’d had enough / harm me not on my turn / now it’s my turn / to your hands I did my life entrust / so I could clutch / to something solid at least I thought as much / so I could touch / time to rise away from you / now it’s my turn / time to drive myself away / you turned me loose I did not stray / I found my place today / to my blood you slipped your talons in / when I was fresh within / hammer hammer until I felt so thin / you turned me loose on everything / turn me loose I’ve cut my reins / now it’s my turn